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Advantages of Administrative Process

Administrative law regulates powers, and processes of public administration which applies to all public officials and federal agencies.

Adjudications and agency hearings are important components of administrative law enforcement.  Administrative law judges preside over disputes between two or more parties, much like a judge presides over cases brought before a court.

The administrative process often offers advantages that are not found in the judicial process.  For example, administrative remedies enable parties to resolve disputes.  Disputes are settled in more convenient and reasonable manner than  in trial courts.  As a result, costs are also comparitvely lower  in administrative tribunals as compared to costs involved in court and the judicial system [i].

Generally in administrative tribunals proceedings operate to the advantage of litigants due to cost efficiency and speedy delivery of justice.  With initiation of administrative tribunals, judicial courts are relieved of dealing with administrative matters from their files[ii].  Courts are exempted from time consuming hearing of cases in certain administrative matter.  Administrative agencies can weigh and evaluate evidence with proper expertise in the matter.  Moreover, it promotes uniform application of statute under which the agency operates.

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