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The Administrative Conference of the U.S. (ACUS) is a federal independent agency and advisory committee.  It was established under the Administrative Conference Act.  The purpose of ACUS is to ensure fair and efficient administration of various federal agencies.

According to 5 USCS § 593 number of appointed members in ACUS will be between 75 and 101.  A chairman heads the ACUS.  The US President with the advice and consent of the Senate appoints the chairman.  The term of a chairman is five years.  The chairman is the only person who receives remuneration in the form of salary in ACUS.

The governing body of ACUS is a council headed by a chairman, and 10 other members appointed by the  President.  Half of the council is made up of employees from federal regulatory agencies or executive departments.  One member of the council is designated as the vice chairman by the President.  During absence or incapacity of the chairman, or when that office is vacant, the vice chairman serves as chairman.

Other members of the ACUS are as follows:

  • Chairman of each independent regulatory board or commission of a federal agencies, or an individual designated by the board or commission.
  • Heads of each executive department or other administrative agency designated by the President, or an individual designated by the head of the department or agency.
  • One or more appointees from a board, commission, department, or agency.
  • Individual members who are appointed by the U.S. President.
  • Chairman can appoint about 40 members for a term of two years.  These appointments should be with approval of the council of ACUS.  Such members can include members of the practicing bar, scholars in the field of administrative law or government, or specially knowledgeable or experienced persons in federal administrative procedure.

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